Post Pandemic Performances

Gatherings in the times of Social Distancing
1Is there any registration required? Does it have to be done prior to the submission date?
Yes, registration is mandatory for participation in the competition. The last date for registration is 26th June 2020.
2How can I register?
Please use the link: to register. A donation to any one of the partner NGOs has to be done in order to register. Please upload a screenshot of the donation transaction during the registration on ourwebsite.
Please note that entries without the screenshot or with invalid screenshots WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
3Who are eligible to participate?
This competition is open to EVERYONE.
4Can we register in teams?
Yes, registration in teams of UPTO THREE members is allowed.
5Can I modify my entry after submitting?
No, modifications after the submission will not be allowed.
6Where and when can I submit by entry?
Submissions to be sent as an email to using [Team Code] in the subject line. The Team Code was sent via email on the registered email ID upon registration. The submission windows is 27th June to 28th June 2020 (Midnight GMT).
7What is the jury’s assessment criteria?
Below are the general criteria for assessment by the jury:
  • Conceptual Treatment of the program
  • Multidisciplinary approach of the proposed concept
  • Innovation in representational techniques
  • Richness of artistic experience: performer and audiences
  • Written Description: containing description of the built environment of the intervention, the conceptual idea, design process and vision of the future of performances and gatherings
Additional points to consider:
  • Benefit of this new relationship between space and art to the community.
  • Functionality aspects of the space: Accessibility, Movement, ease of hygiene maintenance.
8How many total items should be there in my submission?
The following items are required for submitting entries to the competition:
  • A3 graphic #1: CONCEPTUAL GRAPHIC
  • A3 graphic #2: 3D GRAPHIC
  • Title and Subtitle for your proposal (3 and 10 words respectively)
  • Written description about design proposal (300 words)
Additional items while submitting: To be filled as a form during submission
  • Category of space designed
  • Number of people designed for (audience)
  • Description the performance envisioned (up to 30 words)
  • Team member details: (Name, professional background)
9Do you have any material that could help me with my design process?
Please refer to the pinterest board put together by KooZA/rch to help you with the design process, this can be found at
We have also been compiling and putting up material about social distancing, performing arts and life after the pandemic on our Instagram. You can look them up at
For references of the categories of the design proposal, references can be found in this pinterest board:
For references of the submission graphic, references can be found in this pinterest board:
For Online Panel Discussion Webinar, visit
10What is the file format for submission?
GRAPHIC 1 : Conceptual Graphic
Size : A3 (29.7 x 42.0 cm)
Resolution : 300 dpi
Format : pdf

GRAPHIC 2 : 3D Graphic
Size : A3 (29.7 x 42.0 cm)
Resolution : 300 dpi
Format : pdf

Title & Written Description (to be submitted in one document):
Size: A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm)
Format: Plain text pdf
11What are the social distancing guidelines that the proposal would need to respect?
  • Minimum 6ft/ 2m distance between each pair of individuals
  • Maximum of 2 persons can be in close proximity with one another
  • Infrastructure that allows for minimum touch/contact and convenient sanitization
12I am not an architect. How can I participate?
The competition is open to ALL. Please let us know at the time of registration, if you would like to get paired with an architect to collaborate with, or if you would like to work with an architect to help you represent your ideas. We will be more than happy to help you out!
If there are any specific queries, please email us at
13I am an architect, and would love to work with someone from a different profession. What should I do?
While registering, please check the option of ‘Looking to collaborate’. Based on the kind of requirements that we receive from other entrants, we will pair you with a suitable participant with whom you can collaborate.
If there are any specific queries, please email us at
14Is there a format for uploading a screenshot?
Yes. A .jpg or .png format would be required for the upload to go through.
15How much minimum should I donate to register in another currency (in euros)?
An equivalent of Rs. 1000 or $15 in any currency will be accepted as a valid donation. However we would suggest a donation equivalent of Rs. 2000 ($25).
16Can I submit a video if I need to explain the project?
No. Unfortunately, submissions and assessment by the jury will be done ONLY ON THE BASIS OF THE SUBMISSION ITEMS LISTED ABOVE. If selected as a winning entry, you can use any other media to explain your project further when we do have an exhibition/panel discussion with the jury in the future.
17Does my design have to be constructible?
Not necessarily, this is an ideas competition and hence, design proposals can be hypothetical in their approach.