Throughout history, every time the world has stood at crossroads, art has been the a significant way in which humanity has chosen to express, ideate and revolutionise.

This pandemic, the performing arts have come to a standstill, and needs a revolution. The onus is now on us creatives to reimagine the future, for us to come out of this pandemic, stronger and more equipped.


Here is a chance to express yourself and your ideas through visuals and graphic art! All artworks must be in line with the theme, ‘Performances in the times of Pandemic’. There is no restriction on the medium of graphic expression.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions will be through Instagram, by uploading an image/video and tagging @thecuratormag @thesortedpandit and @projectplatypusorg and using the hashtag #projectplatypus.

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline: 17th June 2020

About this Art Campaign:

This art campaign is organised by The Curator Magazine and Sortedpandit Studio in collaboration with Project Platypus’ fund-raiser Architecture competition: ‘Post Pandemic Performances: Gatherings in the times of Pandemic’. Best entries from this campaign will be features in a curated publication that will be available online and in print. Proceeds from the sale of this magazine will go towards COVID-19 relief programs.