The initiative and its vision:

A non-profit research initiative by a group of architects, we aim to focus on bringing to light the overlap that exists between all creative fields, and use that opportunity to create an alternative, fresh approach to design thinking, especially in the context of architecture. We seek to encourage and observe collaborative design processes through multidisciplinary design competitions and self initiated research projects.

We believe architecture has a highly multidisciplinary reach. This also means that the process of architecture and design thinking must be equally multidisciplinary and adaptive. Given that the ‘creative fields’ are so closely intertwined and co-dependent in the real world, we feel that collaboration is one of the most effective ways to bridge this gap. This would then help us cultivate a more nuanced perspective to what design and architecture are, and help us all achieve a result that is richer and more effective.

We intend to fulfil the above vision through primarily two methods:

Multidisciplinary design competitions:

These focus on architectural solutions for requirements that are beyond the standard ideas of what the design and architecture world consist of. In such competitions, participation would be through collaborations between people from different fields, thus allowing for design solutions with a wider perspective.

Research projects:

These involve written and graphical documentation, oral histories and archiving of material that taps into overlaps of how architecture aids various other creative fields, and how these have informed architecture and design through history (e.g. concert spaces, event graphics, theatres, and many more).

Contact us:

For any inquiries, marketing, information and collaboration proposal, send an email to